In 2003, Gergely Gaal architect founded his own studio. They were working on family houses.
In 2005, he joined to a bigger company called Csikos architect (leader architect Mihaly Csikos). He got knowledge of designing hotels, restaurants and other public placies in Hungary. In 2007 he was working on luxury buildings in Moskva.
In 2010 Gergely Gaal founded his own construction company D-Deco Ltd. The company have build lot of luxury family houses from 200 m2 to 700 m2, and residental buikdigs . Mostly they have build thoes houses what Gergely designed.
In 2013 they designed a hotel in Budapest. It was the company first hotel construction.
They build 64 rooms in 50 day. In this year they got two other hostel design and constructions.
At the end of the year they redevelop a building for hotel. They import all of the interior goods from China.

2G-Builder Ltd. Hungary,

Office: H-1094 Budapest Bokréta street 11-13..

Based: H-7629 Pecs Madas J street 7.

E-mail: info@ddeco.hu